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An amazing journey.Know more about us.

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Originated even before the independence of India, Shalimar Chemical Works Private Ltd is completely an Indian brand name, that laid its foundation stone by the hands of its founder Late Prakritinath Bhattacharjee in 1941. An year later, the company partnered with Late Panchanan Mondal and in 1945 is was incorporated by both of these partners. The products offered by us comprising Coconut Oil, Coconut Edible Oil, Medicated Coconut Oil, Non Stick Oil, Mustard Oil, Edible Oil, Vegetable Oil, Meat Masala, Coconut Oil, Cooking Oil, Ayurvedic Jasmine Oil, Ayurvedic Oil, Coconut Edible Oil, Chef Spices, Popular Spices including Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder still leads the international market place in spite of ever increasing competition.

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The company Shalimar Chemical Works Private Ltd was founded in the year 1941, and its first manufacturing unit was operational in a place that is adjacent to Narkeldanga Main Road in the northern part of Kolkata.

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In these extensive seven decades of experience, the company has risen to a recognizable position in the industry only due to its compelling workforce that remain active, diligent and dedicated throughout to maintain our commitment, integrity and credibility in the market place.


Our endeavors and business approaches are lead by the consistency in quality of our Pure Mustard Oil that is achieved only under the extremely and stringent conditions in our capacious and well equipped manufacturing unit.


Today Shalimar has become a major national brand rising and surviving with several generations in Indian households. The promise of purity and quality is still the chief...




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“It has been stated that jasmine is beneficial for mankind.Shalimar's Ayurvedic Jasmine has worked like magic for me.After a long day at work a massage with Shalimar's Jasmine will free you from all stress ensuring you stay healthier like never before.""Mera Pyar Shalimar"

Shreyashi Halder, Student, Beldanga

“It has almost been close to a decade now,that i have been using Shalimar's Coconut Oil.This has its own class and essence.Serving mankind with purity and faith.Thank u Shalimar.My secret beauty tip is Shalimar's Coconut Oil.Mera Pyar Shalimar."

Gargee Halder, Housewife, Kolkata.

“I am a housewife staying in Malda . I am fond of cooking.I love experimenting with recipes.It only became easier for me,thanks to Shalimar's Chef Spices.The real richness and flavours of Shalimar's Chef Spices will add that taste to your mouthwatering recipes."

Anita Kumari, Housewife, Malda