Corporate Strategies

Our goal of being the global leader in our industry is guided by five strategic decisions that we adhere to:

  • Expand our portfolio to include higher-growth areas

  • Hygiene, skin care, prestige beauty, spices, body care and cooking oil are all areas where we focus now. Simultaneously, we are working on new ways to get our products to those markets.

  • Triumph with our products, as a positive force

  • We're helping to improve the planet's health as well as people's health, confidence and well-being, all while contributing to a more equitable and socially inclusive society. All of this is fueled by cutting-edge science and technology.

  • Boost expansion in Africa, the Middle East and other critical growth markets

  • In future growing markets, we will strengthen our footprint.

  • Create a purpose-driven, future-ready organization and culture

  • We prioritize unlocking capacity through agility and digital transformation, as well as lifelong development for our employees. We'll be a shining example of diversity and values-driven leadership.