Changing climate, economic development and environmental awareness are global concerns that have influenced major policy decisions. Shalimar's is committed to the global agenda as organizations are likely to be, with a defined and targeted framework for attaining goals within the confines of our commercial activities.

The Company aspires to achieve the following in order to attain the above:

  • To implement CSR programmes in relevant local areas in order to meet promises made in response to requests from government and regulatory agencies;

  • To participate in affirmative action programmes such as skill development and career training;

  • To offer members of CSR programmes with equitable chances;

  • To build the necessary capability and self-reliance of participants at the rural level, particularly women, in the belief that they are conditions for social and economic progress;

  • To undertake CSR programmes primarily in areas that are economically close to the Company's operations, allowing for close monitoring and maximum developmental impact;

  • To work with industry organizations, such as the National Association of Manufacturers to promote sustainability;

  • To form public-private partnerships in order to increase the impact of CSR programmes.